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Post Date: Dec 9th 2015

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Author: Neil DiBernardo

It’s been a great week here at the 50th ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition. In talking with my peers throughout the week, it is abundantly clear that in this dynamic and continually changing healthcare environment we must think differently to create a strong vision for the future.

Now more than ever, pharmacy leadership needs to ensure that their strategy and efforts align to the greater organization’s direction.  Supporting a common vision and strategy will enable these organizations to dramatically reduce cost – specifically as it relates to drug spend and optimized labor – while meeting patient safety and outcomes goals. 

It’s also important that your strategic vision extends beyond the walls of the hospital to reach across all transitions of care.  Only by looking at medication management holistically, and across all settings of care, will health systems be able to fully optimize their pharmacy supply chain to realize significant cost savings.

We had some exciting discussions over the past few days as we examined the advantages of creating a Beyond Use Dating strategy for in-house sterile compounding success, and also learned how organizations are achieving significant cost savings through an enterprise-wide medication management strategy.

My peers are doing amazing work that is changing the business of pharmacy. The Midyear meeting is an opportunity to learn about these advances.  But we need to celebrate our clinical/operational results and achievements more than once a year.  Take credit for the good work you do and publicize your success, both within your organization and externally to your clinical colleagues.

As healthcare continues to change, we must remain nimble to change with it.  As one of the largest cost components in a health system, pharmacy is becoming a key area of focus for the C-Suite. Having a strategy that optimizes assets to drive out cost through actionable data will enable significant reduction in operating expenses, while improving quality of care.

Congratulations ASHP on another great Midyear meeting!  We look forward to our continued partnership to advance the clinical practice over the next 50 years.

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Neil DiBernardo, PharmD, Executive Director, Professional Services, Aesynt

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