Beyond Use Dating: Learn How to Seize the Potential at ASHP Midyear

Post Date: Dec 7th 2015

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Author: John Barickman

Reliable. Meaningful. Specific.

This is the Food and Drug Administration’s mantra for stability testing of IV compounded medications, which in turn formally sets the bar for beyond use dating.

As we team with progressive hospitals and health systems to support insourced sterile compounding, it’s apparent that the right automation and beyond use dating strategy can produce higher-quality preparations with a shelf life that matches or even exceeds that of third-party outsourcers. But we’ve also found that many pharmacists believe they lack the resources to effectively perform stability testing in a way that meets the FDA’s mantra, which prevents them from fully realizing the advantages of beyond use dating.

We know beyond use dating opportunities are within reach for our partners. That’s why we’re working to equip pharmacists with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve their sterile compounding goals.

First, we encourage pharmacy professionals to attend our symposium, Extending Beyond Use Dates for Sterile Compounds at the 50th ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition today, Monday, December 7 from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. Dr. Thomas C. Kupiec, PhD, president and CEO, ARL BioPharma, Inc., a recognized authority in sterile compounding, will share a comprehensive overview of the critical factors that impact beyond use dating, including:

  • Chemical and physical stability
  • Risk of microbial contamination
  • Use of stability indicating studies to extend shelf life

Participants will also learn universal best practices to control these factors, which open the door for reliable repeated use of stability studies in future batches — a central goal of any beyond use dating strategy.

Second, we encourage pharmacy professionals to visit the Aesynt booth #1717 to learn more about the tools you can use to achieve your beyond use dating goals, including the industry’s first Formulary Toolkit and consulting services for sterile compounding, which arm organizations to:

  • Access the data and protocols needed to seamlessly perform in-house beyond use dating — dramatically extending the shelf life of IVs
  • Reduce medication waste associated with prematurely expired IVs
  • Enable facility-wide cost savings by optimizing IV inventory and eliminating outsourcing
  • Enhance patient safety and outcomes by ensuring the availability of sterile, stable and effective medications
  • Expedite IV automation implementation and maximize ROI associated with sterile compounding

We look forward to meeting you at the symposium or at Aesynt booth #1717.

For more information about the Formulary Toolkit, or to view Aesynt’s full suite of medication management solutions to support sterile compounding, visit Have a question or comment? We’d love to hear from you: You can leave us a comment, chat with us on Facebook, Twitter (@aesynt) or LinkedIn.

John Barickman, Senior Executive Pharmacy Consultant of IV Automation

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